Gary Sheely, Cutting Away

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Gary Sheely, Author, Keynote Speaker, and Life & Business Coach explores the reasons we resist the changes we need to make in order to survive and thrive.

Recognize your need to cut away from the fear, denial, and comfort zones that trap you

Your success and survival may depend on it!

So why do we resist taking the action we need to survive and thrive?

Often, the things we rely upon for safety, satisfaction, and peace of mind can be the very things that deprive us of all three - yet we cling to them for one or more reasons.

In Cutting Away, you will discover:

  • The psychological forces that cause us to resist when radical action is clearly called for
  • Specific situations that create danger for us
  • The warning signs when your comfort zones, denial, and fear are threatening your well-being
  • Ways to assess your own risk
  • Insight into your own resistance to cut away from the things that are putting you at risk
  • New courage to take the action you need to survive and thrive!
Gary Sheely

Gary Sheely is an author, Life and Career Transition Coach, Corporate Chaplain and keynote speaker. He has coached hundreds of people through the turbulent waters of radical life-change. As an avid skydiver and skydiving instructor, he is an expert in helping people overcome fear, find courage and gain new self-confidence.

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